Special swords have survived from the Qajar period, including the sword of Fath Ali Shah, which is now in the Museum of Antique Gems and Jewelry. One special feature of this work is the use of precious gems such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The sword’s handle is made of bone and the sheath made of purple velvet. The metal part of the sword’s handle and the ornaments on the sheath are made from gold.The techniques of bead setting, chiseling and granulation are applied to ornament the handmade sword and sheath. A large ruby ​​appears on the handle of the sword and two more on the sheath among the diamonds.This sword had a ceremonial purpose and was used on special occasions. The weight of the work is one kilogram and 155 grams. The special ornaments applied on the sword were custom made for Fath Ali Shah Qajar by Iranian artist.