Mostazafan Foundation’s Cultural Institution of Museums

C.I.M. was established in 1995 with the aim of establishing new museums for the museum objects in the Mostazafan foundation. The most important activities of the C.I.M. are as follows: Collecting, preserving, organizing, restoration, expertise, providing I.D. certificates, analysis and   separating museum objects into categories including: Dishes, Statues, Chandeliers, Carpets, Clothes, Pottery, Weaponry, Jewelry, Iranian and European paintings, Old geographical maps especially the historical maps of the Persian Gulf, Manuscripts, Old doors and windows and also tiles.

The museum activities of the Mostazafan foundation started with the project called “Dafineh museums”. In 1995 the museum activities were handled by the General Office of Museums and in 2005 the Cultural Institution of Museums came into existence. Worthy of mention is that C.I.M. s policy in Iran s capital of Tehran is based on a centralization policy.

 At present C.I.M. have four active museums: Iran money museum, Time museum (clocks and watches) and Iran classic car museum in Tehran and also Ramsar martyrs cultural museum complex in the city of Ramsar. C.I.M. also have fourteen specialized repositories: Pottery, Textile, Architectural structures, Sculptures, Paintings, Glass and Porcelain, Tehran history, Jewelry, Money, Clocks and Watches, Press, Weaponry and the repository of Ramsar martyrs cultural museum complex. 

The Supreme Leader

Historical and ancient monuments and objects signify the pinnacle of art amongst the Iranian people. These attributes exalt the past history of a nation and enables its’ people to discover their history and roots.

*Cultural Institution of Museums, Floor 4, Building 1, Mostazafan Foundation, Before Africa Avenue, Resalat Highway, Tehran, Iran

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