6 March 2021


مَن عَلِمَ مِن أخِیهِ سَیِّئَةً فَسَتَرَها، سَتَرَ اللهُ عَلَیهِ یَومَ القِیامَةِ****** پیامبر اکرم فرمودند:هر که از برادر خود گناهی بداند و آن را بپوشاند، خداوند در روز قیامت گناهان او را بپوشاند. المعجم الکبیر طبرانی، ج ۱۹، ص ۴۴۰

Museum of Historical Vessels

The construction of the building dates back to the first Pahlavi period.

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Museum of Iranian Art

The museum of Iranian art was established in a very beautiful and old marble mansion

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Ramsar Martyrs Cultural Museum Complex

Ramsar martyrs cultural museum complex was inaugurated in the spring of 2000 with the purpose of study and preservation of its historical and cultural objects and values.

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Iran Classic Car Museum

Iran classic car museum was inaugurated in 2003. In line with C.I.M. s expansion policy the reconstruction and development of the museum is going to be done by world famous companies.

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Iran Money Museum

Iran money museum was inaugurated in 1997 as Iran s first specialized and permanent museum of its kind. In Iran Money Museum you review the 2500 years of Iran s money history from the first coinage till today s paper money.

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Time Museum”

The History of Time Museum

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Specialized Ivory Museum

The historical building of this unique museum is almost 90 years old.

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After the Persian conquest of Athens around the fifth century BC, Greek art was very much influenced by oriental artistic patterns. As a result of that influence, human-animal hybrid creatures appeared on Greek vases. Pictures of living creatures and scenes of war and battles are in fact the influence of Mesopotamian and Egyptian art on ... Read more homepage