The Yazd Museum of Light and Illumination was inaugurated in Yazd in the presence of Mr Fattah, the head of Mostazafan Foundation.

Through Mostazafan Foundation’s efforts, the Yazd Museum of Light and Illumination has been prepared in Mirror Palace in Yazd for the exploitation of and giving service to the people of Yazd, Iranian people and its audience all over the world.

In this museum, 230 works from the 5th millennium before history to the Islamic era and the contemporary world have been displayed.

Different works including historical ceramics, coins, bronze, silver, metal and wooden mirrors, ornaments and medallions, Islamic period dishes and tiles, as well as lighting tools such as different kinds of tallow burners, lights, candlesticks, chandeliers, candelabra, sconces, and other ceremonial and practical tools and architectural decorations related to the subject of museums, lacquer works, historical textiles, and jewel-studded boxes from different parts of the world are on display.