About CIM Museums

  Mostazafan Foundation’s Cultural Institution of Museums (C.I.M)

Mostazafan Foundation’s Cultural Institution of Museums was founded in 1995 with the aim of collecting and maintaining the museum objects of Mostazafan Foundation and also establishment of the Museums.
Important activities of the C.I.M is: restoration, expert preparation Indexes of scholarly and artistic works , design , classification and equipment of objects including containers, statues, chandeliers, carpets, clothing, pottery, weapons, jewelry, precious Iranian and foreign paintings,  Persian Gulf  historical maps, old valuable doors and windows and tiles .
C.I.M consists of four Museums namely: Time Museum, Car Museum, and Money Museum in Tehran and Ramsar Martyrs Cultural – Museum Complex  in Mazandaran province, and runs 14 treasuries as follows:

•    Pottery
•    Textile
•    Wood
•    Painting
•    Ceramic & Glass
•     Tehran History
•    Jewelry
•    Money
•    Time
•    Car
•    Press
•    Weaponry
•    Ramsar Martyrs Cultural – Museum Complex
•   Sculpture

Collecting, preserving, display and documentation of museum objects and supporting research and researches.

Board of Directors:

Engineer Seyed Amir Mansour Borghei – Chairman of the Board
Heshmatollah Ghanbari Hamedani – Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Institute of Museums

Dr. Hossein Mozaffar – Vice Chairman of the Board – Vice Chairman

Dr. Seyed Mehdi Seyed Khamoushi – Member of the Board

Hossein Shamsaii Qahiazi – Member of the Board

Hossein Shamsaii Qahiazi – Member of the Board

 Address: Floor 4, Tower 1, Mostazafan Foundation, Before Africa Highway, Resalat Highway, Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1519611197

Website: www.cio-museums.org     info@cio-museums.org