On May 27, 2021, the Museum of Iranian Art hosted some of the senior managers of the Iranian Academy of Arts. While visiting, the members of the Academy, Managers of the Institution and experts of the Museum of Iranian Art exchanged information and research. Also, different discussions regarding the value and position of art in Iran as well as the effect of this museum as a rich source of research took place.

After the visit, in a meeting between the managers of the Academy and the Cultural Institution of Museums of Modtazafan Foundation, the Academy members requested that a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions be signed, while expressing happiness for attending the Museum of Iranian Art and giving special thanks to the authorities of the Institution and Museum for non-stop and continuous efforts to launch the Museum. Therefore, it was agreed that specialized research in this area would be offered in the following days and preparing related meetings, conferences, publishing nooks and references for the development of the country’s art and recording thevresearches related to Iranian Art would be made possible