The museum mainly focuses on the history of 2700 years of coinage and 100 years of paper money in Iran, including the first materials and objects such as metal rings used for trade and transactions, the first Iranian coins (Derik and Shekel) minted in Achaemenid era until current Iranian paper money

Iran Historical Car Museum was opened on 29th Ordibehesht 1382 (It is located in 22000 square meters and 45 imperial cars,2 rayal carriages and 3 motorcycles have been exhibited in a 3000 sqm hall.It is a collection of the best and mostly unique cars regarded as a national treasure , which is founded by Cultural Institute of Bonyad Museums

This museum has considered the importance of time over the history of human, by displaying the evolution of time measuring tools from initial clocks to the modern mechanical clocks, and takes effort to introduce it.

This building, dating back to the year 1937, was constructed with a built up area of 600 Sq. M. (6,500 Sq. Ft.) on a land of 60,000 Sq. M (6 hectares) and concurrent with the reconstruction and development of the southern Caspian Sea coastal roads as well as the adornment and development of the City of Ramsar. The faأ§ade of the palace is covered with carved marble stones being the result of the Iranian craftsmen giving an everlasting and a unique appearance to the palace so soothing to the onlookers’ sights

« صِلَهُ الارْحَامِ تُزَکِّی الاعْمَالَ وَ تُنْمِی الامْوَالَ وَ تَدْفَعُ الْبَلْوَی وَ تُیَسِّرُ الْحِسَابَ وَ تُنْسِی فِی الاجَلِ »

Imam Baqir (AS) said: “The holy shrine of the actions of the clean, the property is a lot, dispossesses Bella, and delayed the death

شرح آقا جمال الدین خوانساری بر غرر الحکم و درر الکلم ج۴، ص۲۰۹، ح۵۸۲۵

Object intro

Week Selection

Object name: Fabric painting for sale
Date: 1330s. Ah
Material: oil on canvas
Artist: Professor Kamal al-Mulk

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