This morning, a welcome meeting was held for the new colleagues of the Cultural Institute of Museums of the Foundation for the Underprivileged in the presence of the directors of this institute in the conference hall of the Museum of Time. In this meeting, each of the managers explained about their areas of expertise and related activities. At the beginning, Mr. Tajik, the esteemed Director of Public Relations and Public Relations, spoke about the relationship between the Public Relations Department and the Museum. Then, Mr. Asgari, the esteemed director of the Museum of Time, introduced the different sections of the Museum of Time and its activities. Mr. Shokoofi, the esteemed director of the Tehran Museum Cultural Complex, pointed to the background of the institute and the importance of various fields of education, research and restoration in the museum. Mr. Khajevand – Director of Management Development and Resources, a report on the recruitment process of new staff and Mr. Ghanbari, Director of Planning and Development of Museum Services, explained the development projects of the institute and In the end, the esteemed CEO of the institute, Dr. Ghanbari, addressed three important issues: – Use all your strength to do things – Putting order in things – Consider the existing works and resources as your own and leave them to future generations as extremely carefully as possible.