The establishment of Mostazafān Foundation was based on the decree dated February 28, 1979 by the Great Leader of the Revolution and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini (p. b. u. h.) addressing the Islamic Revolution Council:


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

February 28, 1979
To: Council of the Islamic Revolution
“By means of this letter, the Assembly is appointed to confiscate all movable and immovable property of Pahlavi dynasty and its branches, subsidiary and associates whatsoever who have embezzled from the treasury of the Muslims during this unlawful reign, for benefit of the needy, and frail workers and employees, and to deposit the movable assets in a bank account under the name of the Islamic Revolution Council or mine, and to notarize and seize the immovable assets, such as real estate and land lots, in order to utilize them for the benefit of the poor from every stratum of the society, to generate housing, employment, etc. All the Islamic Revolution Committees across the country are ordered to deposit in the bank account whatever possessions of this type they seize. The administration should be directed that these seized properties do not belong to the government and shall be managed by the Islamic Revolution Council; and the government officers shall submit to the same bank account whatever they have or will confiscate; and those persons who have come into possession of some of this property shall give it back immediately to the Revolution Committees or to the bank; any violation will be prosecuted.”

Signed Rūhollāh al-Mūsavī al-Khomeinī
On March 5, 1979, Mostaz’afān Foundation was established under the supervision of a board selected by the Great Leader of the Revolution (p. b. u. h.). The board composed of these gentlemen: the Great Āyatollāh Sayyed Alī Hoseinī Khāmene’ī, Akbar Hāshemī Bahramānī, [Martyr] Āyatollāh Doctor Sayyed Mohammad Hoseinī Beheshtī, Mīr Karīm Mūsavī Karīmī (Āyatollāh Ardabīlī), Ahmad Jalālī, Alī Asghar Mas’ūdī, and Ezzatollāh Sahābī.

The founding board drew up the articles of association of Mostaz’afān Foundation in 25 articles and one note, on June 24, 1979, which was duly approved by the Islamic Revolution Council, and Mostaz’afān Foundation was registered on July 25, 1979 with the registration number 1983, under article 8 of the Amendment Bylaws of the Non-profit Organizations. On July 12, 1980, the Legal Act of the Articles of Association of Mostaz’afān Foundation were approved by the Islamic Revolution Council and replaced the Articles drawn up by the founding members.