Museum instruction or learning means museum knowledge that aims peoples cultural progress and development and to obtain new experiences. Museum instruction serves museum activities aims to transfer the knowledge, skills and attitudes to the visitor. As learning centers, museums performance has important role in introducing Iranian thought and also Iran s national identity. Museum is a place that shows man s invention and technical experiences from the early days of civilization till today to the visitors. With the expansion of the museums role in the society we can fulfill the cultural needs of the people. The main activity of every museum is to display the objects and also the establishment of the person-object relationship the person could be a primary school student or an adult. In spite of the fact that every museum have its own language but it s not the only cultural institution in the society, so should cooperate with other cultural institutions otherwise unravels. Just like libraries the museum activities should be answerable to the visitors of all types including the schools. Instruction is the basic element of the museum and museum studies.