About C.I.M Repositories
At present, C.I.M has 14 specialized repositories namely: Pottery, Textile, Architectural Structures, Sculpture, Painting, Glass and Porcelain, Tehran History, Jewelry, Money, Watch and Clocks, Press, Weaponry and Ivory. Introducing repositories to the other cultural and research centers is one of the C.I.M s main purposes. Activities are as follows:
*Organizing temporary exhibitions.
*Study of museum object deterioration.
*Restoration of monuments and museum objects.
*Preventive and cleanness with collaboration of other museums and specialized organizations.
*Object photography for documentation and publications.
*Assistance to the students and researchers.
*Providing identity certificate for the repositories.
C.I.M Repositories
۱ – Repository of Textile:
With more than one thousand items including: carpets, rugs, costumes, military uniforms and precious cloths. The oldest item is the winding sheets of the Alebooyeh dynasty which belongs to one thousand years ago.
۲ – Repository of Sculpture:
Consist of nearly 1100 items with different sizes and made of steel, stone, etc…
۳ – Repository of Glass and Porcelain:
It is one of the richest repositories of the C.I.M that consist of more than 20000 items including: pen-case and chandeliers made of glass, metal, stone, ivory and crystal.
۴ – Repository of Money:
Consist of exchange tools from old times and Iranian money including Iranian coins (before and after Islam), foreign coins, Iranian and foreign paper money and approximately 600000 stamps.
۵ – Repository of Press:
The repository s main purpose and duty is to collect Iran s old and famous newspapers and magazines especially the first issues of each of them.
۶ – Repository of Weaponry:
It is a unique repository with the collection of different types of weapons including fire-arms and other than fire-arms from thousand years BC. Also it is a ideal place for study and research.
۷ – Repository of Pottery:
With approximately 16000 items from ancient times it is one of the best collections of its kind. The oldest item belongs to 7000 years ago.
۸ – Repository of Painting:
With approximately 3000 brilliant Iranian and European paintings from 17th to 20th centuries.
۹ – Repository of Jewelry:
Including jewelries from thousand years BC to 20th century. Absolutely Iran s most complete jewelry collection.
۱۰ – Repository of Tehran History:
It is the collection of people of Tehran s life and working tools and much more about Tehran as the capital city of the country.
۱۱ – Repository of Architectural Structures
Collection of wooden doors, windows and furniture that used in the Iranian buildings from Safavid era till today.
۱۲ – Repository of Ivory:
Containing number of beautiful ivories from East Asia to Africa in different kinds, shapes and sizes.
۱۳ – Repository of Car:
Containing unique classic cars from the world s most famous companies namely: Ford, Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Volkswagen, Cadillac, etc…
۱۴ – Repository of Watch and Clocks:
Including different types of watch and clocks namely: Wristwatches, table clocks, bracket clocks, etc…