Old Bath Museum – موسسه فرهنگی موزه ها

Old Bath Museum

It was only used during the first part of the Pahlavi era

موزه ها / Old Bath Museum

The bath was built in the courtyard simultaneous with the construction of the marble mansion in 1937 in the first Pahlavi period. It was only used during the first part of the Pahlavi era. The bath has two pools, one of which was heated by a traditional furnace. The tiles applied in the bathroom by the construction workers have been preserved to this day, without the slightest change.

There is a small pool of cold water at the entrance of the bath because in the old baths, it was customary to put the feet in cold water and wash them before entering and before leaving the bath. Cold water would balance body temperature and prevent from colds and diseases such as varicose veins and those caused by high pressure to the veins. Based on the available documents, the bathroom equipment was provided by a German company called "Triton Belco".

After restoration and renovation operations carried out in the spring and summer of 2017, the building changed use to accept visitors as the "Old Bath Museum".

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